This is what I was waiting on at the mall earlier. For at least part of the time. #ears #shesabiggirlnow
Some of the interesting sights at the art gallery in St. Louis
The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis houses one of the largest collections of mosaics in the Western Hemisphere. Overwhelming and amazing. #Mosaic #cathedral (at Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis)
Ran into Lee Trotter at the art gallery.
One of my favorite things about my wife is her willingness to stop and read book to our kids. I think that’s why they’re all brainiacs. #foxy
I was thinking of all the people I’d love to see this with. #spinaltap #thesegotoeleven
Scenes from the Space-Age @starbucks near St. Louis University. Neat building.
A few more from our trip to St. Louis
Lily’s hair makes this one just about perfect. #sisters #accuratedepiction (at City Museum, St Louis, MO)
Waiting for the monster slide after 5 hours non-stop. (at City Museum, St Louis, MO)
You know I love a gal that can conquer the monster slide! #shesallmine #mylady (at City Museum, St Louis, MO)
This might be one of my favorite Isabelle pictures in recent memory. (at City Museum, St Louis, MO)
It’s nice to encounter your favorite insect in giant robot form #pray #mantis #robot (at City Museum, St Louis, MO)
Lily introduced the other kids to thunderdome. “Two men enter. One man leaves!” #madmax #thunderdome #tothedeath (at City Museum, St Louis, MO)