What a way to spend your birthday, right Alayna? #latergram #dcvbs2014 #pie (at Desperation Church)
I will rule the world! #dog #dogsofcatan
Everyone had fun feeding the goat   Her favorite treat: saltine crackers (at Snider Farms)
Happy to celebrate the impending arrival of the Schumacher Kidlet tonight. It’s fun for me to tell Sarah how adorable she is right now. If you know her, you get it.  (at Snider Farms)
I felt like a rock star posing with Hannah at the baby Schmacher celebration. So good to see her!  (at Snider Farms)
#DCVBS2014 ends tonight at 7pm. All are invited and bring any extra books for kids in Ethiopia! (at Desperation Church)
Hey ladies, he’s single! #dcvbs2014 #sassy (at Desperation Church)
We had an uplifting time of celebration with Rend Collective tonight. #nwlc2014 #hipstamatic  (at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection)
The Brilliance were exactly that #nwlc2014 #hipstamatic  (at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection)
Super-excited for VBS worship team. This year we have a horn section and a viola! (at Desperation Church)
Ready or not, VBS is coming! This year’s uniform for all heroes helping with kidlets… (at Desperation Church)
Even the most mundane, everyday places on my street begin to feel eerie at 3 am #hipstamatic #eerie #night